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At Skin Health Medi-Spa, we provide waxing services for multiple areas on the face and body. If you want to remove unwanted hair from your upper lip, underarms, legs or bikini zone, our licensed estheticians will ensure that you have a comfortable, worthwhile experience. To get started, fill out our appointment request form or give us a call at (603) 742-1980.

Skin Health Medi-Spa waxing prices

Waxing Price
Eyebrow Shape $25
Eyebrow Cleanup $20
Upper Lip $15
Face (brows not included) $30
Underarms $30
Chin $15
Brow & Lip $30
Lip & Chin $20
Back $55
Bikini $30 & up
Brazilians $60 & up
Half Arm $35 & up
Half Leg $50
Full Leg $50

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Frequently asked questions

What is waxing?

Hair removal is often done with wax in order to remove the entire hair from the hair follicle. Warm wax is used on the skin so that it will adhere to your hair. When the wax is removed, your hairs are pulled from their roots.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has different tolerance levels for pain, but when waxing strips are pulled off, the action may produce a short, stinging sensation. If you are worried about the pain, we recommend taking an aspirin or ibuprofen 20-30 minutes before your appointment. If you wax frequently enough, each time will be more tolerable, since you will have less hair and the remaining hairs will be finer.

What kind of wax is used?

For the face and more sensitive areas of the body, a hard wax is used that wraps and hardens around the hair. Hairs are lifted from the skin and it makes for a less painful removal process. A traditional, soft wax is used for larger areas of the body, and is removed using a cloth strip.

How long will my results last?

Results will vary, but you can expect to be hair-free for a minimum of 1-2 weeks following your appointment.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

No. The hair that is removed will grow in finer and softer over time. Waxing removes hair at the roots.

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