Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

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Swedish massage uses a combination of massage therapy techniques in one session. During your session, your therapist will work with your soft tissues and muscles in order to restore balance and health. By the end of your session, all of the muscles in your body will feel relaxed and any pain or tension will be released. If you are feeling overworked or stressed out, this is a great way to ease your body and mind. By relieving muscle tension, many patients find that they have newfound energy. It may even help you if you’ve sustained an injury in the past. Request your massage online or call us at (603) 742-1980 to get started.

Swedish Massage – 30 min: $45 | 60 min: $80 | 90 min: $105 | 120 min: inquire

Swedish massage uses gentle gliding strokes, kneading, stretching, percussion, and vibration. The pressure varies between light and firm, according to your needs and preferences. Swedish massage can increase relaxation, improve movement, increase circulation, reduce pain, and has numerous medical benefits.

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Massage Therapy Add-Ons – additional $15 per service

  • Scalp massage treatment with Dottera essential oils
  • Steamed aromatic towels application on the hands, feet, back, and face
  • Hydrating soy paraffin treatment for the hands or feet ($25 for both hands & feet)
  • Cold and sinus aromatherapy
  • Cupping (15 minute Add-on)
  • Warm Bamboo

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect during my Swedish massage?

During your session, your massage therapist will lubricate your skin with oil or lotion. Massage strokes are utilized to warm up the muscle tissue and release tension. Muscle knots are also gradually broken up. Swedish massage is intended to promote relaxation and other health benefits.

What should I disclose before the massage?

Before your massage, your therapist will ask you if there are any injuries or conditions that she should be aware of. If you are pregnant, have areas of tightness or pain, or have allergies, we encourage you to let us know. Also tell us if you have a preference for light or firm pressure.

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