Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

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A hot stone massage is deeply relaxing. Heated stones are moved to massage and heat each part of the body while larger stones are placed along the body to warm the tissue. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and calms the nervous system, resulting in improved circulation, reduced pain, and an improved sense of well being. Hot stone massages are excellent for reducing the effects of arthritis and insomnia. To get started, request an appointment online or give us a call at (603) 742-1980.

Hot stone massage – 60 min: $100 | 90 min: $125

Turn up the heat and literally melt away stress, tension, aches, and pains as you experience intense muscle relaxation with this advanced massage therapy technique.

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Massage Therapy Add-Ons – additional $15 per service

  • Scalp massage treatment with Dottera essential oils
  • Steamed aromatic towels application on the hands, feet, back, and face
  • Hydrating soy paraffin treatment for the hands or feet ($25 for both hands & feet)
  • Cold and sinus aromatherapy
  • Cupping (15 minute Add-on)
  • Warm Bamboo

Frequently asked questions

Why are hot stones used?

Hot stones are either placed on specific points of the body or held by one of our massage therapists as they massage your body. The localized heat and weight of the stones relax and warm the muscles, allowing your massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to trouble areas without causing discomfort.

Is it painful?

The stones are smooth and usually a few inches long. We heat the stones to a specific temperature range in a controlled heater. If the stones feel too hot or uncomfortable, please let your massage therapist know immediately. We don’t want you to feel any discomfort during your appointment.

How hot are the stones?

We heat the stones in professional stone heater until they are in a precise temperature range. This is typically between 110-130 degrees.

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