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Skin Health Medi Spa offers unique day spa amenitiesand advanced treatments in a tranquil, relaxing retreat.

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  • Monday:   9am-3pm
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday:  9am-7pm
  • Friday:   9am-5pm
  • Saturday:   9am-3pm
  • Sunday:   Closed


Holiday Hours 

  • Memorial Day (May 28th) - Closed 
  • 4th of July - Closed
  • Labor Day (September 3) - Closed 
  • Thanksgiving day (November 22) - Closed 
  • November 23- Closed
  • Christmas Eve (December 24) -Closing at 3:00pm
  • Christmas Day (December 25) - Closed 
  • December 26 - Opening at 12:00pm
  • December 30th- Closed
  • New years eve( December 31st) - Closing at 3:00
  • New Years day (January 1) - Closed



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Massage Therapy | Spa Massage Treatments ::

Unwind and enjoy one of our lavish full body massage therapy treatments. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, releases tension, and soothes away stress.  Our licensed massage therapists will revive your energy, restore balance to your body and well-being better preparing you for all things life throws your way.

* New Pricing in effect as of April 1st 2016.

Massage Therapy Technique Styles

Choose from one of the following massage therapy styles and select the length of treatment time.  Ad-on services listed below.

Swedish Massage - all over body relaxation
Swedish massage uses gentle gliding strokes, kneading, stretching,  percussion, and vibration.  The pressure varies between light and firm, according to the needs and preferences of the client.  Swedish massage can increase relaxation,  improve movement, increase circulation, reduce pain, and has numerous medical benefits.
30 min :: $45    |    60 min :: $70    |    90 min :: $95

Therapeutic Massage- Relaxing/Loosening
Relaxes and Helps Loosen tense muscles using a variety of techniques depending on your specific needs.
30 min:: $50  |   60 min:: $80  |  90 min:: $105 | 2hrs:: $130

Deep Tissue Massage - loosens stubborn, tense, muscles
Deep tissue massage is recommended for chronic pain, misalignment of the body. Though similar to Swedish massage, the strokes are slower and the focus is on the deeper musculature.
30 min :: $55   |   60 min :: $90   |  90 min :: $115

Pre-Natal Massage - relaxation for expecting and soon to be moms
Using special pillows for support and comfort, pre-natal massage helps to soothe the aches and pains related to pregnancy while giving the client some much-needed relaxation.  Recommended at all stages of pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester.  
30 min :: $45   |   60 min :: $70 

Reflexology - targets trouble areas of the body
Your therapist will focus on "reflex" areas on the feet, hands, scalp, and ears that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body. In general, any organ of the body with a correlating reflex point can be improved through regular reflexology treatments.
30 min :: $40    |    60 min :: $70


AromaTouch - Restorative Massage
Combines essential oils to balance, support and energize.
50 min :: $90

Couples Massage- refreshes the mind, body, and relationship
The ideal mini escape for two... Relax in the privacy of our couples massage suite, as our therapists release the tension and stress from your body. Couples massage also offers the perfect environment to introduce your partner to massage for his or her first time.


Specialty Massage Treatments

Warm Bamboo Massage
Soothing, Strokes stimulate sensational relaxation
30 min :: $55  | 60 min::$95  | 90 min :: $120


Hot Stone Massage
Heat penetrating deep muscle relaxation
60 min:: $95 | 90 min:: $120

Massage Therapy Ad-Ons - additional $15 per service

* Scalp massage treatment with essential oils

* Steam aromatic towels application on the hands, feet, back and face.

* Hydrating soy paraffin treatment for the hands or feet ($25 for both hands & feet).